pump priming

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spending money raised by borrowing

introducing water into a pump to improve the seal and start the water flowing

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Almost 50% is down to the bank bail out and the pump priming the Government undertook to make this recession shallower than the ones in the 1980s and 1990s.
Other features include easy pump priming and refinements to the automated reaction control.
Transport pump priming - while overall public s p e n d i n g s h o u l d b e restrained, investment in transport infrastructure needs to rise significantly.
The pounds 20 million pot was awarded under the Kickstart Bus Challenge competition which gave local authorities, in partnership with operators, the opportunity to bid for funding to provide pump priming funds for new improved bus services.
However, overall construction will be sustained in part by infrastructure projects through pump priming measures (Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong), and the revival of some projects stalled by the 1997 financial crisis.
The PLC controlled machines have the ability to allow both A and B pumps to operate individually for easier pump priming, testing and base purging.
He has bent to the European Community on monetary stability, aware that the old inflationary pump priming has run dry, and has presided over the largest withering away of the state in French history.