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Synonyms for pulverisation

a solid substance in the form of tiny loose particles

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the act of grinding to a powder or dust

annihilation by pulverizing something

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beaucoup moins que]La pulverisation des produits de traitement a temps a eu un impact positif sur la lutte contre cette infection cutanee[beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-on encore ajoute au service de prevention, soulignant la disponibilite en quantite suffisante des insecticides utilises dans la lutte contre cette maladie.
The best was yet to come however, as the Henri-Alex Pantall-trained Kendam followed up in the Prix Eclipse a month later, before her stablemate Restiadargent's pulverisation of the field in the Criterium.
Aanumber of more technical provisions provide for a ban on aerial spreading, the use of this practice being henceforth only permitted in the context of specific derogations where the method offers clear advantages, notably for the environment compared with other pulverisation methods, or where there are no viable alternatives.
Cela permettra de devoiler la flexibilite de la nonne et la marge de manceuvre des acteurs tout en evitant une pulverisation des niveaux de rationalite.
He moulded a riotous bunch, as famous for kicking the Calcutta Cup around Edinburgh as they were for kicking goals, into the world's best-prepared squad of elite rugby players, almost Aryan in their unsmiling pulverisation of their adversaries.
She continues, "We need to come as close as possible to the crisis, to accompany it and produce individual works because that is the predicament we are in, in a kind of pulverisation and solitude.
Now the company is committing nearly PS25m to building a carbon pulverisation plant in Duisberg which will process carbon-based raw materials, including coal and coke, into a product offering customers technical and cost advantages over alternative materials.
Pavement failures, cracking, rutting, shovingIn-situ pulverisation, 100mm overlay with 2% cement stabilisation and sealing
Hussein Yassin Hamad,Wali de l'Etat du Nil Bleu a lance dans le quartier sud de la ville s Roseires , la campagne majeure pour l'assainissement de l'environnement et de pulverisation avec la participation du M.