pulse rate

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the rate at which the heart beats

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In our study, the majority of the donors were deferred for high pulse rate (19%), poor vein (17%) and low blood pressure (12%).
It produces decrease in elevated pulse rate and systolic blood pressure with decrease in systemic vascular resistance and cardiac output.
Buzz pulse rate increased linearly as temperature increased (Fig.
The pulse rate, respiratory rate, BP, and PSS score was compared between the baseline and at the end of the third week.
Manual pulse rate as obtained with, say, radial artery palpation, is used for a variety of purposes, including the assessment of "autonomic nervous system tone.
His pulse rate was much higher than normal and the blood pressure went up as he answered some other questions.
The two research questions addressed were: 1) By the end of the study, will nursing students have learned to decrease pulse rate, decrease breathing rate, and increase peripheral skin temperature using biofeedback-assisted relaxation training?
In some conditions, stress was also induced by the administration of electric shock at levels calibrated by the individual volunteer, while other stress responses were measured by pulse rate, skin conductance level, pulse rate, and two self-report scales of perceived discomfort.
Observations on pulse rate, respiratory rate and body temperature were recorded upto 120 minutes.
NHS Tees is urging people of all ages to check their pulse rate regularly to help detect heart problems before it's too late.
I have never had a patient's condition deteriorate and [the patient] become critically ill or die from stopping antibiotic therapy" when she has a fever plus a normal pulse rate, normal blood pressure, and good urine output, Dr.
About half to three-fourths of these signals are blocked, which results in a pulse rate of 60-175 beats per minute; these can be regular or irregular.
Check: Pulse rate Most pulse rates should be between 40-100 beats per minute and should beat at a steady pace.
The combination allows the user to benefit from the high pulse rate also from high flight altitudes and thus to achieve high measurement densities on the ground," said Dr.
The campaign, led by the Arrhythmia Alliance, aims to raise awareness of the importance of checking your pulse rate to help detect the signs of potential heart rhythm disorders, including Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).