pulse modulation

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modulation that imposes a signal on a train of pulses

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Optional level control, pulse modulation, GPIB, and low frequency extension down to 8 MHz using ultra-low noise frequency dividers (-165 dBc/Hz) are available in addition to Ethernet and EFC input.
Product Versatility allows customers to adjust pulse length, repetition rate, harmonics, and pulse modulation.
Coded pulse modulation technique that employs a newly designed code sequence for pulse radar method to improve sensitivity characteristics, thereby achieving extension of the detection range and finding out small objects that have weak radar reflection.
PULSUS Technologies, a leading developer of digital pulse modulation amplifier (DPMA) technology chips that transform audio signals and allow them to be digitally amplified, is the first company to be selected as a part of this joint effort.
NEW YORK -- Today EKOS Corporation launched the EkoSonic[TM] MACH4e with Rapid Pulse Modulation (RPM) for the dissolution of vascular blood clots at the 36th Annual VEITHsymposium in New York.
Other options to the Agilent N5183A MXG include analog modulation and pulse modulation -- all housed in a compact 2U (3 inch high) package that better uses rack space.