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March 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ROHM has recently announced the adoption of its SCT2080KE Silicon Carbide MOSFET in new, ultra-high voltage pulse generators (SiC-Pulser Series) launched by Fukushima SiC Applied Engineering Inc.
The high voltage pulse generator produces 1kV nanosecond pulses for 100Q the load impedance.
Currently, the pulse generator is still located at the French laser lab at Palaiseau near Paris, because beginning in December the Dresden scientists are planning on once again working together with their LULI colleagues.
Cardiologists can check the pacemaker's settings and collect information stored in its pulse generator with a computerized device that uses radio signals.
Over the last 20 years, Quantum has become an internationally recognized pioneer in the electro-optics market place with the design and development of a precision pulse generator line and as a provider of custom laser systems for micromachining applications.
Equipped with a 7 1/2 hp Mitsubishi spindle drive and servos, a proprietary pulse generator wheel eliminates setup accidents.
3,4,28] The components are a pulse generator, VNS bipolar lead, programming wand, magnet, and specific software for programming the pulse generator on a laptop computer.
Leads implanted on the greater curvature of the stomach from an implanted pulse generator (IPG) carry pulses of electric energy that stimulate stomach muscle to contract and relax.
An enhanced pulse generator card and a new scope card offer powerful new capabilities to researchers working on cutting-edge semiconductor research and production.
The subject of the tender is the supply of new, complete and fully functional pulse generator, including a pulse generator, charging unit, control and measuring equipment, impulse voltage divider, equipment and software for analyzing pulse including accessories.
This report analyzes the Global markets for Neurostimulation in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Spinal Cord Stimulators (SCS) {Radio Frequency (RF) System, Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG)}, Deep Brain Stimulators (DBS), Sacral Nerve Stimulators (SNS), and Vagus Nerve Stimulators (VNS).
The M3 rotary pulse generator combines universal mounting capability with a heavy mill-duty design.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: deliveries electrodes of ect on the electrical pulse generator cliniporator.
8220;From the internal pulse generator to the q-switch trigger, this little device is the end all solution for getting your laser system up and running.
Draft Class II Special Controls Guidance Document: External Pacemaker Pulse Generator