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The 9420 pulse generator is available for quick online ordering now at quantumcomposers.
The randomized study will compare conventional stimulation programming settings of five to 1,500 Hz frequencies to those of a higher 10,000 Hz frequency to measure pain relief outcomes, patient preferences, reduction in opioid usage, and reduction in adverse events, compared with conventional internal pulse generator products.
In the transmitter, pulses are initiated by a pulse generator that generates rectangular monocycle pulses with sub-nanosecond duration.
The high performance pulse generator has a graphical user interface for easy setting and operation.
One or more lead wires then deliver the impulses to the heart and also transmit signals from the heart to the pulse generator.
A proprietary pulse generator wheel virtually eliminates setup accidents.
The ODAC 18XY-RS and ODAC 18XY-DP are equipped with an input for a digital pulse generator to yield data on the approximate product length.
The model PB-5 programmable precision pulse generator includes a full-featured, highly flexible ramp generator and complete programmability.
Using a hand-held ultrasound pulse generator coupled to a laptop computer, Doyle Wilson and Gene Rouse have scanned the rib-muscle tissue of some 1,200 head of cattle prior to slaughter over the past five years.
An enhanced pulse generator card and a new scope card offer powerful new capabilities to researchers working on cutting-edge semiconductor research and production.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Pulse Generator
has released the CPG-500 series, a compact current pulse generator, specifically designed for electrodeposition applications, such as DC plating, pulse plating, and periodic reverse pulse plating for a variety of applications in MEMS and nanotechnology.
For simulating doublet, triplet, and quadruplet pulse trains that reveal radar blind spots, the internal pulse generator improves resolution from 25 ns to 10 ns.
The P400 Benchtop Digital Delay and Pulse Generator can generate delays from 1 ps to 1000 seconds.
Magnetic field pulses are provided by a 10 V, 55 ps rise-time pulse generator.