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Synonyms for pulpy

Synonyms for pulpy

yielding easily to pressure or weight; not firm

Synonyms for pulpy

like a pulp or overripe


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If you look closely you observe that first there pushes forward from the thawing mass a stream of softened sand with a drop-like point, like the ball of the finger, feeling its way slowly and blindly downward, until at last with more heat and moisture, as the sun gets higher, the most fluid portion, in its effort to obey the law to which the most inert also yields, separates from the latter and forms for itself a meandering channel or artery within that, in which is seen a little silvery stream glancing like lightning from one stage of pulpy leaves or branches to another, and ever and anon swallowed up in the sand.
Nor was it that the figs were moist and pulpy, or that the French plums blushed in modest tartness from their highly-decorated boxes, or that everything was good to eat and in its Christmas dress; but the customers were all so hurried and so eager in the hopeful promise of the day, that they tumbled up against each other at the door, crashing their wicker baskets wildly, and left their purchases upon the counter, and came running back to fetch them, and committed hundreds of the like mistakes, in the best humour possible; while the Grocer and his people were so frank and fresh that the polished hearts with which they fastened their aprons behind might have been their own, worn outside for general inspection, and for Christmas daws to peck at if they chose.
Liam Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra again team up for another stylish and pulpy Hitchcock homage.
This has always been a fairly stable element of the series: 2009's Wolfenstein is a pulpy take on pulpy World War II media that sees players fight their way through aforementioned mecha-Hitlers and an array of other alternate-history fascists.
Who wouldn't want to smell like the melding of "an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricaturea pulpy, tentacle head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings"?
This next generation bag has been redesigned to incorporate a dip strip a rigid, rectangular evacuation assistance device allowing for convenient dispensing of traditional post-mix syrup as well as difficult to evacuate pulpy juice or highly viscous liquids.
1 Account recounting certain events (6); 2 The definite article (3); 3 Reduce to pulpy mass (4).
Movie Mezzanine quips: 'Deliciously cheesy, pulpy and trashy.
Peppered with pulpy slang and enough one-liners to choke a film-noir detective, Department Zero is a fun change of pace from an often-too-serious fantasy list.
INFERNO (15) HH HHH BASED on Dan Brown's pulpy pageturner, Inferno is a preposterous, highoctane chase thriller that throws up various double-crosses and red herrings before the truth about the characters' conundrum-laden quest is revealed in a montage of flashbacks.
Definitely for a select audience, this graphic novel begins with the author's statement that this title is his "gleeful homage to the lurid and pulpy entertainment rags that make up the detritus of our childhoods.
What the show is best at is delivering the seedy, sexy, pulpy titillation of forbidden money and temporary relationships.
Tom Hanks, director Ron Howard and screenwriter David Koepp attempt to translate Dan Brown's pulpy page turner Inferno into a high-octane chase thriller.
The 2009 sequel, Angels & Demons, was hellish and now leading man Hanks, director Ron Howard and screenwriter David Koepp reunite to translate Dan Brown's pulpy page turner Inferno into a high-octane chase thriller.
The Taken film series starring Liam Neeson, in which a father risks all to protect his imperilled child, provides a loose template for Jean-Francois Richet's pulpy revenge thriller.