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softwood used to make paper

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6 million dry tons of pulpwood on average each year in the first decade (Table 4).
AAsia Pulp & Paper Group (APP) employees, affiliates and pulpwood suppliers participate in the Zero Tolerance Policy on Harming Endangered Species training programme held by APP and the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) as part of the two-year Friends of Orangutan partnership.
Mascoma is pursuing other commercial applications of its CBP technology and is working with collaborators to develop and construct commercial scale facilities to convert hardwood pulpwood to cellulosic ethanol.
Asia Pulp & Paper has today published official maps of the concession, which show that the pictures featured prominently in the EOF report are actually from RUJ's legally-operated pulpwood concession OUTSIDE of the Senepis Tiger Sanctuary.
BillerudKorsnAaAaAeAns AB (STO:BILL), a provider of primary fibre based packagi materials, announced on Monday that wet and mild weather in the autumn and early winter has led to a shortage of pulpwood in late 2017 and early 2018.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-January 9, 2018-BillerudKorsnas reports on shortage of pulpwood
Over the past decade, the domestic pulp industry has steadily increased its usage of pulpwood because of higher pulp production, less usage of bamboo and because several pulp mills switched from recycled fiber to wood fiber.
Due to higher values of output of sawlogs and pulpwood in Slovenia, the total value of output of the forestry industry reached 366 million EUR in 2012, ie.
Learn more about the outlook for the global pulpwood and biomass markets in 2013 and 2014 from industry experts at the upcoming 6th International Woodfibre Resource and Trade Conference, which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on April 9-10, 2013.
Using 40-quarter average returns on the timber portfolio instead, it was found that pine pulpwood and chip-n-saw could hedge against both expected and unexpected inflation.
Summary: Indonesia will become home of the worldEoACAOs first privately funded project turning pulpwood plantation concessions into a carbon reserve.
Ballarpur Industries is providing smallholders with access to finance to purchase seeds for pulpwood trees, whose wood they can sell to the company through a guaranteed buy-back programme.
New Delhi, June 2 (ANI): Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), an Avantha Group company and India's largest pulp and paper company, today announced that it is joining the Business Call to Action (BCtA) with its commitment to promote the economic and environmental sustainability of 5,000 low-income pulpwood tree farmers in two states in India.
The problem is not only with log prices but also in pulpwood prices.