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Synonyms for pulpous

yielding easily to pressure or weight; not firm

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This, her pulpous empire: a small space on the second storey of my elementary school, one fair-sized room turned into a maze with the aid of furniture--a vessel loaded down with priceless cargo, at anchor by Paris Commune Square, afloat on the V.
The disc is made up of an annulus fibrosis with a nucleolus pulpous found within the fibrosis (these are liquid filled 'sacs' that act as shock absorbers).
This study revealed that there was a significant probability for motor vehicle drivers to be admitted in hospitals due to protrusion of nucleus pulpous [11].
Strawberries were monitored and reported as firm, soft, or pulpous.
Key words: Lumbalgia, lumbociatalgia, lumbar electromyography, lumbar myelography, pulpous herniated disk.