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Synonyms for pulpiness

a mushy pulpy softness


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Cargill s Innovation Centers have developed innovative and easy-to-apply solutions to some of the most pressing industry challenges, like a full-taste, 50% calorie-reduced juice drink for kids; a high-protein drink featuring ProwLizA Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein; a chocolate milk with sustainably sourced GerkensA Dark cocoa powder and Satiagel carrageenans; a calorie-reduced granita and an Italian pasta sauce, both offering full pulpiness thanks to the new CPulpTex modified starch; and a no-sugar-added chocolate praline with a fat-reduced, indulgent creamy center.
To know the reality behind artificial ripening of mangoes, M AIL T ODAY visited the Azadpur fruits market and found that calcium carbide is widely used to give the fruit a robust look, pulpiness and aroma and to subvert the period it takes for mangoes to ripen naturally.
It has a very fruity note -- almost to the point where a fruit is overripe and a slight peak of pulpiness.
A low cost-in-use texturiser, PrecisaTM Pulp 02 can replace this costly ingredient, whilst confer-ring ail-important pulpiness and superb stability for a longer shelf-life.
These books, most of them despised by the cultural establishment of their own time, can now be reclaimed to a properly desiring bibliophilia, but there is still a little thrill of transgression in redeeming their generally profound pulpiness in this way.