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Synonyms for pulpiness

a mushy pulpy softness


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To know the reality behind artificial ripening of mangoes, M AIL T ODAY visited the Azadpur fruits market and found that calcium carbide is widely used to give the fruit a robust look, pulpiness and aroma and to subvert the period it takes for mangoes to ripen naturally.
It has a very fruity note -- almost to the point where a fruit is overripe and a slight peak of pulpiness.
A low cost-in-use texturiser, PrecisaTM Pulp 02 can replace this costly ingredient, whilst confer-ring ail-important pulpiness and superb stability for a longer shelf-life.
These books, most of them despised by the cultural establishment of their own time, can now be reclaimed to a properly desiring bibliophilia, but there is still a little thrill of transgression in redeeming their generally profound pulpiness in this way.
It's hard to say whether the intrinsic problem lies in the overheated pulpiness of Woolrich's source or in which aspects of the book the different filmmakers chose to emphasize.