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relating to or affecting the lungs

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Pulmonary cysts have been present in nearly all cases of LAM reported to date.
2 Congenital lesions, also known as bronchopulmonary foregut malformations, include the discrete entities of pulmonary sequestration, congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM), congenital lobar emphysema, and bronchogenic pulmonary cysts.
Pulmonary cysts as the sole metastatic manifestation of soft tissue sarcoma: case report and consideration of the pathogenesis.
Plain films will reveal unruptured pulmonary cysts as rounded masses of uniform density, while ruptured cysts result in complex cavitary lesions with variable radiographic features, which include an air-fluid level, a floating membrane (water-lily sign), a double wall, an essentially dry cyst with crumpled membranes (serpent sign, rising sun sign) or an empty cyst.
This IBCF has a sensitivity of 80% for hepatic cysts and 56% for pulmonary cysts (16).
Intact pulmonary cysts are frequently detected on chest radiography.
The pulmonary cysts in LAM are distributed widely throughout the parenchyma and have a characteristic appearance on high-resolution computed tomographic study.