pulmonary circulation

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circulation of blood between the heart and the lungs

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12 The risk of using anticoagulation therapy alone is of clot embolization to the already compromised pulmonary circulation.
The pathogenesis of PAH is closely related to heart and pulmonary circulation.
Several risk factors have been identified, including an unfavourable perinatal fetal environment which, in combination with certain epigenetic factors, may play a role in the expression of genes involved in the regulation of perinatal pulmonary circulation (Table 2).
Low risk: patients with PESI Class I-II, minor symptoms such as chest pain and tachycardia produced by small clots in the distal pulmonary circulation, with no signs of RV dysfunction or elevation of cardiac biomarkers.
Peacock, Naeije, and Rubin present the fourth edition of their collection of expert and academic contributions on the diseases of pulmonary circulation and their treatment.
Indeed, the majority of patients with PE and syncope have a massive embolism defined as greater than a 50% reduction in the pulmonary circulation.
Blood from the left atrium comes from the pulmonary circulation and if not able to enter the left atrium it backs up further into this system.
The company offers products such as SmartHeart left ventricular assist device, a battery-operated mechanical device that is surgically implanted to maintain pumping ability of the heartand SmartHeart total artificial heart, an artificial heart to support systematic and pulmonary circulation by replacing the native heart.
Pulmonary hypertension is an uncommon vascular condition in which the pulmonary vessels become narrowed, and the blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation increases.
In this case, however, the splenic hypodensities indicate that the embolization of the immature adult worm somehow entered the systemic circulation rather than remaining isolated to the pulmonary circulation.
This left-to-right shunt, if significant, causes an increase in pulmonary blood flow leading to progressive remodelling of the pulmonary circulation with increased pulmonary vascular resistance and development of pulmonary hypertension.
Pulmonary circulation in pulmonary atresia can be supplied by a concurrent patent ductus arteriosus or bronchial arteries whereas in CAT, distinct pulmonary arteries arise from the trunk as previously described [4, 29].
3) The cyanotic CHD present early in childhood, but acyanotic CHD may be relatively asymptomatic till later in life, due to balance between the systemic and pulmonary circulation.