pulmonary circulation

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circulation of blood between the heart and the lungs

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The pulmonary circulation will try to compensate for reduced alveolar ventilation by diverting blood from unventilated regions of the lung, a response referred to as hypoxic vasoconstriction.
A conference was held during September 2008 in Sedalia, Colorado, to allow researchers from various biomedical disciplines to share their specialized knowledge about receptors, channels, and transporters that have been identified as key players in the physiology and pathophysiology of pulmonary circulation.
Oral prostaglandin E2 in ductus-dependent pulmonary circulation.
Consequently CPET parameters could be used as noninvasive surrogate markers of vasoreactive response of pulmonary circulation.
As the degree of shunting increases, pulmonary circulation also increases and may lead to increased work in breathing, exercise intolerance, and occasionally reactive airways disease.
McLoughlin, Chronic hypoxia causes angiogenesis in addition to remodelling in the adult rat pulmonary circulation, J.
This change results from decreased venous return to the heart, pooling of blood in the pulmonary circulation, and decreased blood that reaches the left ventricle during inspiration.
During the course of right heart catheterization, it has become standard practice to assess the degree of vasoreactivity of the pulmonary circulation.
The finding provides "the very first evidence that preeclampsia leaves a persistent and potentially fatal imprint in the pulmonary circulation of the offspring, which predisposes them to exaggerated hypoxic pulmonary hypertension in later life," Pierre-Yves Jayet, M.
After the pulmonary circulation was washed free of blood with Krebs-Henseleit (KH)-3% albumin buffer (82.
Medically, it provides the first accurate description of pulmonary circulation through the heart and lungs.
There are two circulatory systems serving the lungs: the pulmonary circulation from the right heart and the bronchial circulation from the left.
DVT can lead to pulmonary embolism (PE), a life-threatening complication in which a blood clot that forms in the leg breaks off and migrates to the lung artery, where it can cause massive blockage of pulmonary circulation.
When William Harvey spoke of pulmonary circulation, "he argued that: 'When .
To understand the two main theories on the pathophysiologic mechanisms of NPE, one must first look to the pressure gradients that normally exist within the pulmonary circulation, the Starling forces.