pulmonary anthrax

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a form of anthrax infection acquired by inhalation of dust containing Bacillus anthracis

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In order for a pulmonary anthrax infection to occur, an individual would have to inhale approximately 10,000 virulent anthrax spores five microns or less deep into their lungs (spores this size will not be visible to the naked eye).
Other previous cases of pulmonary anthrax - the deadliest kind - were centred on New York and Florida.
Postal Service's Washington mail sorting center on Brentwood Road Northeast, where two employees believed to have had anthrax died Monday and two others are have pulmonary anthrax.
The most virulent form, pulmonary anthrax, which killed the first Florida victim, begins with a mild flu-like fever.
And there is a 99 per cent fatality rate with pulmonary anthrax, which killed journalist Bob Stevens two weeks ago.
It was not known what symptoms he had, but Mr Stevens was admitted to hospital suffering from confusion and vomiting and later died from pulmonary anthrax, an unusual strain of the rare disease.
How many cases of pulmonary anthrax, pneumonic plague?
This is also a gripping and frightening story about weapons that could have sent millions to unspeakably gruesome deaths, their tissues dissolving and blood oozing from their nose, mouth, and genitals--as a colleague of Alibek's dies after accidentally injecting himself with the Marburg virus, or suffocating from pulmonary anthrax, as untold dozens of Russians did when spores were accidentally released into the atmosphere from a secret plant in Sverdlovsk in June 1979.
MaskGuard Corporation suspended its media campaign today that was designed to inform the public about the availability of its filtering face masks, which are used for protection from bio-terrorism including pulmonary Anthrax.
Typically, infection occurs through entry of the spores through the skin, by ingestion of contaminated meat, or by inhalation; contamination via these routes commonly results in cutaneous, gastrointestinal, or pulmonary anthrax, or may manifest as hemorrhagic meningitis (10,12,13).
On August 11 they were told his death had been caused by the rare pulmonary anthrax which he had contracted by inhaling spores.
Dr John Cowden, consultant in health protection at Health Protection Scotland, said Mr Norris almost definitely died from pulmonary anthrax and had been a "very, very unlucky man".
BULLETIN BOARD: IRBO) , today announced the results of their preliminary round of testing on mice of its proprietary compound, Viprovex(TM), as a possible treatment for pulmonary anthrax infection.
The 90-year-old, who has not been named, has pulmonary anthrax.
A New York hospital worker died last night from pulmonary anthrax, the fourth fatality in the United States this month from the germ warfare bacteria and the first not linked to postal workers or the media.
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