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While the second arm is pulling under water, the swimmer is simultaneously exhaling to the count of 4-5-6.
In the photo, the athlete is shown pulling the weight back to the mid-range position.
As in the freestyle, you may obtain more pulling surface by bending the arm at the elbow at the beginning of each stroke.
He keeps his shoulders slightly over or ahead of the bar, and establishes a flat back posture by pulling the shoulder blades toward each other, holding the chest up and out and tilting the head up slightly.
If the TE does not do this, the DE is likely to pinch the tail of the TE's down-block and create a problem for our FB, pulling guard, and TB (Diag.
The guard on the TE side pulls and leads for the TE, the FB fills for the pulling guard, and the QB fakes the handoff to the TB and then makes an outside handoff to the TE.