pull strings

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Synonyms for pull strings

influence or control shrewdly or deviously

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ANALYSIS: Egypt army may pull strings from barracks in future
When PM Maleki faced a parliamentary revolt this year, he could count on Tehran to pull strings of influence over restive fellow Shi'ite politicians in Iraq's majority which saw the Iraqis quickly fall in line again behind the Shi'ite premier.
As he romances his way around the French capital, his various love pull strings to help him climb the social ladder.
Mel seemed to take offence that she didn't pull strings and she was fuming.
Peter and Leanne are thrilled, but Ken is fuming, and he incurs Deirdre's wrath - she won't pull strings at the council to have the planning stopped.
Pull strings, pull favours or pull up your socks over getting what you want.