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Pull in with ball assistance--While lying supine with arms behind the head, and feet resting on a 65 cm exercise ball, the subject brought the elbows toward the knees pulling the upper body off the floor and rolling the ball to bring the knees toward the elbows.
A pensioner who has lived in Heol Hir for 10 years added: 'They've put the bumps in the small lay-bys but not in the big one by the school where I have seen someone pull in and speed off.
Small-diameter HDPE pipe was available on rolls and larger-diameter lengths of pipe could be fused into a single, jointless string of pipe for quick pull in by HDD or pipebursting equipment.
22) - Patrick Stewart and the rest of the ``Next Generation'' crew could pull in $80 million.
Sit up straight in your chair and pull in your abdominal muscles by tightening them.