pull back

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Synonyms for pull back

use a surgical instrument to hold open (the edges of a wound or an organ)

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move to a rearward position

stretch back a bowstring (on an archer's bow)


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The next step would be that the government or the armed forces will pull back the forces from the border areas," Mukhtar added.
The minister decided to pull back the proposal because it looked like the proposal would be significantly changed during the parliamentary treatment of it, reported the Finnish online newsletter Internytt.
The patient can pull back her own legs, or a nurse can pull back one, while whoever is attending the patient can pull back the other.
Private lenders and non-traditional funding sources are emerging as the main source of capital for commercial real estate loans, as investment banks pull back in the wake of market turmoil on Wall Street.
The solution proposed by Daly Genik was what Ain might have done - to pull back the sliding partitions and then project them out into the garden and by so doing, drawing the garden into the house.
The drill path should be as straight as possible to minimize frictional resistance during pull back and to maximize the length of pipe that can be installed in a single pull.
But despite a five-under-par 67 he could only pull back one shot on the former US amateur champion, who went round in 68.
The same may prove true of Bill Clinton's demeanor and his political instinct--as opposed to his personal instinct--to pull back at the first sign of trouble.
CEBU CITY -- Three tugboats were used to pull back a Panamanian-registered cargo vessel that ran aground on the shoal off Malapascua Island in Daanbantayan town, in northern Cebu.
Global Banking News-November 20, 2015--Credit Suisse to pull back from setting investment banking targets
Summary: The pull back in market sentiment pushed the Japanese yen higher against its major currency counterparts this week, and the low-yielding currency may continue.