pull ahead

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Synonyms for pull ahead

obtain advantages, such as points, etc.

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Ellis used her climbing skills to pass Oram and pull ahead by five meters at the top, but that's when Oram made her move.
But the Pioneers answered with a pair of goals to pull ahead 12-9 and it remained a three-goal lead until van den Berg scored her third of the game with 4:44 to play.
However, now that nanowires can be grown with stripes of different semiconducting materials, the wires may pull ahead of tubes in that race, Lieber notes.
Based on this data, and what you already know about these countries, which country is likely to pull ahead of the other in the foreseeable future, and why?
Proof that, in the size stakes, City are starting to pull ahead of their neighbours.
In the constant rivalry between capacity and speed, speed is beginning to pull ahead.
In additional remarks Holsworth said that, "The Finast Food Court will pull ahead of many fast food chains in this area because we offer a greater variety of fresh and nutritious take home foods than the selections that so many fast food chains rely on.
But competitors are starting to pull ahead and the shadow of portfolio rationalization looms.
The Gauchos (2-6) could not pull ahead in regulation as UCLA's cushion went up to six, at 74-68 with 2:48 in regulation as Willis sank a free throw.
Only when Kieron Dawson was sin-binned in the 56th minute did Saints pull ahead with 10 points in his absence.
Fong's contribution allowed incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer, who was in a tight race with Fong, to portray him as an extremist and pull ahead in the polls.
It's loaded with inside information on how leading companies find and keep the employees they need to pull ahead of the competition.
Trailing by two runs, Travis Metcalf and Ben Harrison hit back-to-back home runs in the sixth inning as part of a three-run rally to allow Bakersfield to pull ahead 8-7.
But the PlayStation 3 (PS3) will eventually pull ahead if Sony ensures that its online experience matches that of the Xbox 360, and that its Cell processor technology meets its full potential to transform gaming into a near-video quality experience.
Chris Carter went 1 for 3 with two RBI and helped the JetHawks (0-1) take a 3-1 lead, which they held until seventh inning when San Jose (1-0), owners of the best first-half record, scored six runs to pull ahead.