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Flicking through my back catalogue of Daily Records from the past fortnight (great to have you on board, Mr Galloway, but what the hell does sanguefreddo, amanuensis and pulchritudinous mean?
All of a sudden we got very pulchritudinous, wanting privacy on the john and room freshener.
Possibly inspired by "Zumanity's" sexy success, the Rio will close its "Showgirls" revue to make way for "Erocktica: Sex, Sweat & Rock 'n' Roll" in May, mixing classic rock performed by a live band with a sultry femme element described as akin to the playful, pulchritudinous pages of Maxim magazine.
Whatever else, nobody could accuse the Angels of subtlety as they combine girlie giggling and pulchritudinous pouting with martial-arts mayhem.
Indeed, a suppressed homoerotic framework structures the whole novel; Eca's narrator reveals, through possessive epithets and pulchritudinous appellations, the object of his desire, a 'belo Jacinto' who is repeatedly the principe' of the besotted Jose Fernandes.
An expensive tome, this book nevertheless gives you page after page of sensational stamens, pulchritudinous petals and fantastic foliage to look at for the price you might pay for one print of a poppy.
Surely it is not too Panglossian to aver that, amongst the gallimaufry of conflicting interests held by a plethora of wine aficionados--not least on the subject of zymurgy--one pulchritudinous voice shines out to an otherwise lugubrious winter's day.
This politically retrograde "natural" Tess is both a sadistically exploited object of male scopic desire and a continually self-liquidating subject, the "charm[ing]" field-woman upon whose pulchritudinous form Hardy and his textual surrogates gaze with unseemly voyeuristic hunger.
19) In his book, Vancouver: The Way it Was (Vancouver 1984), Michael Kluckner comments: "Prostitutes followed the Canadian Pacific Railway workers across the country like a scruffy, pulchritudinous plague.
Like the already-canceled ``The Strip,'' ``Secret Agent Man'' boasts semi-coherent storytelling, witless wit and the one thing that's supposed to atone for its multitude of sins - ample pulchritudinous bosoms and bottoms.
Ecke pauses to admire one especially pulchritudinous example of this last specimen.
He was in a mood for a stare scene at Rienzi's Coffee House where his antlered eyes might be assuaged by eyeball data, pulchritudinous and groovy, sandals on taut tanned calf muscles, muscles under flamboyant attire waving and bulging, existential stares from the window as he passed the San Remo Bar.
Her cryptic face was a study in pulchritudinous skepticism.
Undercover police officers, however, testified to observing digital penetration, oral sex, and other sexual activity take place during the pulchritudinous polkas.