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He stayed in a guest room but that's where I started puking," she tells Harper's Bazaar.
I was puking my way up the pool so I think that shows I was giving 100 per cent but they pulled away from me at the end.
One barely noticed the peeing, but the puking culminated a pivot point just before the raucous finale, in which the actors proclaimed, "We're free
According to him, the ``first age of man'' is ``the infant, mewling and puking in the nurse's arms''.
Litter Warden Corey Coughlan said people are constantly puking and peeing into the water fountain each weekend.
Throughout the dramatic final round I was flicking like mad through the teletext pages of those bookies who were betting in-running, and it must be said that on one or two occasions I felt like puking.
Does Adam Sandler think two men kissing is a gross-out on the order of a kid puking all over a living room?
Students may drink to let off steam, or drink to get drunk, or boast about how much they can drink without puking.