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Synonyms for puka

South American shrub or small tree having long shining evergreen leaves and panicles of green or yellow flowers

small roundheaded New Zealand tree having large resinous leaves and panicles of green-white flowers

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Depending on the light, the tiles (a Sonoma puka glass mosaic hand-crafted in California) may pick up different colors.
Posteriormente, describe los componentes fundamentales de la persona: mikaka, tenka, silon, mowin, puka.
The Book of Puka Puka (1929) by Robert Dean Frisbie (Out of print) Frisbie sought refuge 'from the clamour of the civilised world' by running a copra trading station on the South Sea island of Puka Puka
The goal clearly had an effect on Rastrick who, despite the efforts of Logan Puka, Nick Shaw and Peter Daley, were unable to stop Netherton from notching up a 4-0 half-time lead with further goals from Barrett, Simeon John and Adam Thompson.
Haademeeste und anderswo) pida : pea 'Ast im Staketenzaum'; puga ein stossweiser Wind, ein Windstoss' (ME III 445), puka eine Art Sturm auf dem Meer; ein Windstoss (EH II 341) < kurland-liv.
I rolled and pinned native Puka (Meryta sinclairi) leaves.
Resolving ethical dilemmas is equivalent to ethical problem solving (Robbins, Wallace, and Puka, 2004).
Pertinent examples are studies within psychodynamic theory (Freud 1930), cognitive-developmental approaches (Kohlberg and Puka 1994, Piaget 1932), from the perspective of psychological situationism (Carpendale and Krebs 1992), and with an emphasis on empathy (Batson et al.
Some (Hutton, 2006; Puka, 2005; Thompson, 2006) believe the increase of academic dishonesty among college students is tied to the current atmosphere of education.
Soon after the Supreme Court ruling, three government ministers, including Deputy Prime Minister Puka Temu, resigned from the government and joined the opposition in a bid to move a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Michael Somare.
Their neighbors seemed mostly to be sun-bronzed girls near their age, with Puka shell necklaces and the odor of Hawaiian pot emanating from their kitchens, and all were very kind to her.
De entre los autores que se posicionan en esta corriente "comunitarista" del debate moral y politico, tales como Mcintyre, Sandel, Walzer, benhabib, Puka, Michelman, etc, quien mas va a influir en este debate es Charles Taylor, que incluso llegara a provocar en Habermas una cierta correccion de sus presupuestos teoricos al reclamar la atencion sobre el aspecto de la "socializacion" para la "eficacia" normativa de toda concepcion moral (la inclusion de la "solidaridad" comunitaria como otra funcion de la moral que complemente la fundamentacion normativa racional-cognitiva) (2)
The pro in question, Tom Lehman, added a bizarre accessory: one of his kids gave him a puka shell necklace, and he wore it.
Trips there for work and play have inspired my affection for puka shells, palm trees, and mai tais.