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Synonyms for puissance

the state or quality of being physically strong

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power to influence or coerce

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The win, however, backs up similar Puissance victories at the Horse of the Year show and at Arena UK.
18) Thus, public healers, as those charged with creating and maintaining prosperity--or a balance in the economy of puissance, as I argue above--were profoundly political leaders, although they did not imagine or articulate their roles in language that can be translated directly into secular-political or purely 'religious' functions without obscuring part of their significance.
D'un point de vue economique, la puissance de marche designe la capacite pour une entreprise d'augmenter le prix de ses produits au-dessus de leur niveau concurrentiel pendant une certaine periode, et de tirer profit de cette augmentation.
50 for Puissance night at the 2010 Horse of theyear Show (Ticket upgrades are available at a supplement)
The second half of Sunday's event concluded with the puissance competition.
It will feature Indoor Cross Country, contested in previous years by the likes of Zara Philips MBE, and the Puissance discipline.
The show will feature some of the best jumping around with such highlights as The Accenture Christmas Puissance, the World Cup and Grand Prix.
Competition categories include junior one through three, with adult, green horse/rider, pre-novice, novice, mixed intermediate, and puissance.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Paraguay; 2 Robert Jordan; 3 Madama Butterfly; 4 A spider; 5 Puissance.
Favourites include international show jumping and the famous Puissance wall, plus displays from the Household Cavalry and the Musical Drive Of The Heavy Horses.
Par Christoph Bertram La puissance amE[umlaut]ricaine a E[umlaut]tE[umlaut] si E[umlaut]crasante durant si longtemps que nombreux sont ceux qui la croient sortie indemne de la prE[umlaut]sidence de George W.
LAND Rover is to continue it's sponsorship of the Puissance at the Dublin Horse Show, or so the company announced after the end of the Puissance last Saturday.
The power of the word/La puissance du verbe; the Cambridge colloquia.
His career as a show jumper culminated at Madison Square Gardens on his beloved mare Lady Byng when they won the Puissance in the mid 1920s.
Luther embraced the new technology as "God's highest and extremest act of grace," and John Foxe would later say in his Book of Martyrs, "God hath opened the press to preach, whose voice the pope is unable to stop with all the puissance of his triple crown.