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having a blunt nose

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Nico & Lola: Kindness Shared Between a Boy and a Dog a children's picturebook about a young boy who learns to better embody the virtue of kindness while temporarily taking care of his aunt's black, pug-nosed dog Lola.
Altogether now: "Little fat man who sold his soul, chubby little loser, national joke, he's banal and facile, he's a fat waste of space - see his little pug-nosed face.
The results are flat as a pancake, soul-free, alluring to an aggressive degree: stock set-pieces of Uncle Sam gents embraced by beach-blanket belles (Lover's [1993], The Neverending Story [1994], Twenty-three Years Ago [1995]); yuppie snapshots of the upper-middle classes at play (Park City Grill [2000], Stamford After-Brunch [2000]); guppie domestic bliss (Homemade Pasta [1999], Two Guys [2002]); pug-nosed nymphetres descended from Alexandre Cabanel heaven (Girl on a Hill [1995]; SuperAngel [1995]); and a panoply of gallivanting nudes seemingly set loose from the Ecole de Fontainebleau.
1) We'll be fucked with black luck, become slave-rowers for pug-nosed Thessalians.
The twice-divorced Drew Barrymore, now 27, was but a pug-nosed, pig-tailed 6-year-old when the film was shot.
She was truly a pretty woman, pug-nosed, freckled, with expressive features.
Certain animals just don't fly well; pug-nosed dogs, for example, may have trouble breathing.
A little over an hour's drive away, millions of visitors a year discover another universe, a galaxy of fantasy and fun dominated by a familiar round-eared, pug-nosed silhouette: the chief inhabitant of Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
I fear not, but as of now England are carried upon a sea of optimism, buoyed by the strict and unflappable approach of an Italian nobleman and the ability of a pug-nosed Scouse kid who can play a bit.
The wee bat on our page maybe showing its teeth and its pug-nosed looks for the camera, but even Batman might struggle to love him.