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Synonyms for pug

small compact smooth-coated breed of Asiatic origin having a tightly curled tail and broad flat wrinkled muzzle

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He stooped and picked up the pug, lifted it to his face and wiped his eyes on its little soft back.
He blushed a good deal, and greeted the object of his late momentary aspiration to rivalry in the favor of a person other than the mistress of the invalid pug with an awkward nod and a rapid ejaculation--an ejaculation to which Newman, who often found it hard to understand the speech of English people, was able to attach no meaning.
Rann appeared at the door with very deferential bows, which, however, were far from conciliating Pug, who gave a sharp bark and ran across the room to reconnoitre the stranger's legs; while the two puppies, regarding Mr.
Barbarona remarked: 'It's important for audiences to watch 'Tu Pug Imatuy' because it tackles the same advocacies pursued by people everywhere: the struggle for human rights, land reform and other noteworthy aspirations.
Taking place at city centre bar HUS, the very first Pug Cafe arrived in the city this afternoon, and it certainly did not disappoint.
Phoebe the pug was found cowering in a bowl in a filthy pen.
Food for visiting pugs, jugs, pugzus, pugaliers and more will include pupcakes, bark-scotti, dognuts and pug cookies all made by Rudi's the Doggy Bakery.
Touring venues around the country, the pug cafe serves up treats for our four-legged friends, including pupcakies, dognuts, wuffins and a complimentary puguccino for every pug in attendance.
Former Huddersfield Town keeper Matt Glennon with his disabled pug Bobby 200917MPUG_08SIMON MORLEY
Freya Ellingham is the brains behind Rhondda Pug Club, and although the group currently has a modest number of members, she is hoping it can emulate the success of a club in Eastbourne, East Sussex she used to attend, which boasts more than 500 members.
Cuoco captioned the photo by saying that she feels lucky Doug visited her on set considering the fact that the pug has such a busy schedule.
Pug Man's 3 Wishes is a fairy tale of sorts that will entertain readers of all ages.
The two finalists also took their own pug, Frodo, to the celebrations.
Pupillary light reflex was present in four cases (Spitz 2, Pug 1, Mongrel 1).
Peggy is a two-year-old pug who lives with Grace and Tom Purdie in Bents, West Lothian.