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any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted

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Although some experts say there's a one-in-three chance of post puerperal psychosis recurring, and some put it as high as 50/50, Joanne and Phil are thinking of trying for another baby in the next 12 months.
In his survey of the history of puerperal psychosis diagnoses, Brockington (1996:200-205) distinguishes mental disorder caused by puerperal sepsis from functional puerperal psychoses but seems to assimilate "puerperal insanity" to the latter.
Amanda had never heard of puerperal psychosis - a condition that affects one or two in 1,000 new mums and it was only after extensive expert medical and psychiatric help that she's been able to get her life back together again.
The following day Elaine was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where she spent the next two months It was a tough 18 months which followed with Elaine finally being diagnosed with puerperal psychosis - the most severe form of post natal depression.
It was an example of puerperal psychosis, a major nervous breakdown triggered by the birth of a baby.
However, 74% of the 27 with a family history of puerperal psychosis experienced at least one episode, compared with only 30% of the 125 with no family history.
During her two-week stay in hospital, Jackie was diagnosed as suffering from puerperal psychosis.
Almost half of the mothers polled said they had either depression or anxiety when they were pregnant; two thirds experienced postnatal depression; and 2% had suffered with puerperal psychosis.
Postnatal depression covers a broad range of conditions from the so-called "baby blues" to the severe and life-threatening puerperal psychosis.
Mum to Eilidh, 15, Billy, 11, and five-year-old Erin, Lorna had developed puerperal psychosis, the most severe form of the condition and was twice admitted to psychiatric hospital as doctors feared for her life.
By their child's first Christmas, she was in a psychiatric hospital suffering the most severe form, puerperal psychosis.
After having Pauline, she also got puerperal psychosis a severe form of post natal depression.
The findings come from a study of 120 women at high risk of the condition known as puerperal psychosis.