pudendal artery

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arteries supplying the external genital organs of humans

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1) Vulvar hematomas mostly occur as a result of injury to the branches of pudendal artery.
Vascular injuries in the perineum typically affect branches of the pudendal artery which originates from the internal iliac artery (Figure 3).
Hrouda, "Case report: delayed hemorrhage from an accessory internal pudendal artery pseudoaneurysm after robotic radical prostatectomy: successful management with CT angiography and embolization," Journal of Endourology, vol.
Bilateral V-Y advancement flaps were designed based on the internal pudendal artery perforators (Figure 6).
Injury to the pudendal nerve, internal pudendal artery and vein, ureter and rectum is a possible complication.
Blood supply comes from terminal branches of the pudendal artery, which is a branch of the internal iliac artery, with venous drainage following the same reverse route.
Nitric oxide, the capillary vasodilatory, is made from the amino acids arginine and citrulline and is necessary for blood flow into the pelvic pudendal artery to achieve erections.
One of them developed priapism due to pseudo-aneurysm and arteriovenous fistula of internal Pudendal artery.
Arterial vascularization of the penis in the rabbit was demonstrated to be supplied by the penile artery wich arised from the internal pudendal artery which possessed two branches such as the deep artery of the penis, the dorsal artery of the penis, whereas the ramus praeputialis arised from the external pudendal artery and blood drainage from the penis is done by external pudendal vein and internal pudendal vein and venous blood in deep vein, bulbar vein and dorsal vein enter to internal pudendal vein and then internal iliac and finally coudal vena cava and the external pudendal vein blood prepuce, skin, corpus spongiosum and muscles and free part penis through dorsal vein drainage.