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Synonyms for pudding



Synonyms for pudding

any of various soft thick unsweetened baked dishes

(British) the dessert course of a meal ('pud' is used informally)

References in classic literature ?
Sally brought them plates of rice pudding, rich, creamy, and luscious.
Roast beef and rice pudding for fifty Sundays in the year.
A BUTCHER who got stuck in a freezer managed to batter his way out - using a black pudding.
We all like figgy pudding, and now we can all enjoy some as Brakes launches a gluten-free version in time for the festive season.
Because a third of kids leaving school are too fat, favourites like spotted dick, treacle tart, strawberries and cream and my favourite bread and butter pudding are under threat.
Liberally butter eight mini pudding or dariole moulds and lightly dust the insides with cocoa powder.
Main Courses Slow roast topside of beef (well done), Yorkshire pudding and gravy.
For your own little Christmas puddings PERSONALISED CHRISTMAS PUDDING ROMPA WRAP up your little pudding in this pure cotton, super-soft babygrow and hat set, which can be personalised and features long sleeves and poppers on the legs.
The pudding ideally needs a few weeks to mature - although I quite like the fresh, crumbly fruitiness of a recently made one.
CHRISTMAS pudding is one of the most important components of a proper festive dinner but getting it just right in time for the big day involves forward planning.
OUR recent feature recalling the story of Newcastle's Pudding Chare sparked plenty of interest.
Says Paul: "There's nothing to compare to the light, fluffy texture of a steamed sponge pudding.
CAMBRIDGE -- Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren said that given her love of pudding of all kinds, she's thrilled to be named woman of the year by Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals.
London, Dec 20 ( ANI ): The most expensive Christmas pudding in the World has now gone on sale for 20,000 pounds.