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(British) the dessert course of a meal ('pud' is used informally)

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Chelan PUD has taken no position on pending legislation and is providing information for the public to understand electric sector impacts of various carbon reduction strategies.
The efficiency of the matte PUD has been investigated with traditional high-gloss PUDs.
Under the agreement Connell Brothers would have exclusive rights to distribute Resinate's line of PUDs resins in China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and India.
Speaking on behalf of Gu Puds UK brand manager Lizzie Hanbury-Tenison said: 'We were thrilled with the amount of entries we received to our Diamond Jubilee promotion.
pylori infection was significantly higher in patients with PUD than with GC (80 vs 56.
Therefore, it was thought worthwhile to investigate thermochemical, mechanical, and coating properties of PUDs and compare their properties with those of conventional PUD.
9 meeting backed the findings of city hearings official Virginia Gustafson, who in July determined that Kendall's request to drop the PUD designation complied with the Eugene-Springfield and area growth guides.
7%) of 904 PUD patients with a definitive diagnosis were given eradication therapy and 255 (20.
A high proportion (at least 90%) of PUD cases are caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori--an association first reported in 1983 (2,3).
Julian Northrup, a k a Gramps (played by the beguiling Jack Rubens), is quite the character - a bit crotchety and opinionated, yet devoted to his grandson Pud (portrayed by the irrepressible and frisky Randi Saxer) and his wife Nellie (touchingly played by Dot DuMont).
2] antagonists to the market in 1978, the treatment focus of PUD involved symptomatic medical management followed by what was felt to be definitive surgical management.
Chelan County PUD commissioners reviewed and concurred with a 2018 District Performance Plan that includes major investments in the dams and the electric grid to provide customer value including low-cost, carbon free and highly reliable electric service, other utility services, lake and river access from popular PUD parks and Public Power Benefit projects.
SPECIAL SKILLS: Pud adopted his people at the ripe old age of eight and immediately conformed to every feline cliche in the book.
PUD CEO and general manager Craig Collar said, With our customers support, Planet Power has funded 32 local solar projects, which help the community learn more about this energy source.
slated toffs' favourites Fortnum and Mason's PS10 pud for tasting like lemon bathroom cleaner.