publishing conglomerate

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a conglomerate of publishing companies

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By 1911, the Crowell Company, a publishing conglomerate that featured one of J.
German multimedia and publishing conglomerate Bertelsmann has revealed plans to sell its 50% stake in Internet access provider AOL Europe to America Online (AOL) of the US for between USD6.
4 billion bid for the movie and publishing conglomerate, which QVC had topped.
CI itself is a subsidiary of Ziff Communications, the international publishing conglomerate.
cn) is the only publishing conglomerate in China with both assets value and annual sales of more than 10-billion-Yuan.
Thanachai for his outstanding contribution in building a publishing conglomerate with print newspaper in English and Thai, magazines, Radio and TV station.
Dave Macintyre, a denizen of old-school skate power brokering, has been seen meeting with both publishing conglomerate tycoons and with venerable skate manufacturing legends such as Richard Novak, Ron "Mr" Bennet, and Larry Balma: Is this indicative of anything in particular, or are the men preparing for Larry Stevenson's induction into the ISAC Hall of Fame?
a Dutch-based publishing conglomerate ranked among the Global 1000.
Liaoning Publishing Group is state-owned Chinese publishing conglomerate with annual revenues of RMB 3.
645 billion (US$450 million) Chinese publishing conglomerate, to create a joint venture in the educational product development and educational services business.
For their part, Snyder and Hixon sold a minority interest in Disclosure to VNU, the giant Dutch publishing conglomerate, in 1982 and then sold die balance of the company to VNU in 1987.
headquarters for Global Talent Group of London - a worldwide artist-management, production and music publishing conglomerate - Global New York specializes in creating new creative opportunities for high-profile clients.
7-billion publishing conglomerate, and held a series of senior management positions in technology and logistics over his 13-year career with Waste Management, Inc.
Communications Solution Magazine is part of the TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation) publishing conglomerate, which also includes, Internet Telephony, Customer Interactions Solutions, and Communications ASP Magazines.
At Primedia, a publishing conglomerate with annual sales of $1.
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