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Synonyms for publisher

a person engaged in publishing periodicals or books or music

the proprietor of a newspaper

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You are very fortunate, my friend; but take care or you will lose that letter which is peeping from your doublet, and which also comes, no doubt, from your publisher.
The publisher is getting rich very deliberately--very deliberately indeed.
The malignancy of publishers, however, could not turn me back.
The next day the numerous subscribers to a certain liberal journal read, among the Paris items, the following article, inserted authoritatively by Chaboisseau and Metivier, share-holders in the said journal, brokers for publishers, printers, and paper-makers, whose behests no editor dared refuse:--
Owen had not much doubt that he would find a publisher.
Barabbas was neither a robber nor a publisher, but a six-barred, barbed-wired, spike-topped Fence.
A fashionable publisher has offered him five hundred pounds for a book.
Razumihin had, indeed, been dreaming of setting up as a publisher.
Having copied her novel for the fourth time, read it to all her confidential friends, and submitted it with fear and trembling to three publishers, she at last disposed of it, on condition that she would cut it down one third, and omit all the parts which she particularly admired.
There were one or two publishers who made a specialty of that sort of thing, and she had as much work as she could do.
I have bought three copies of it during my lifetime; and I am informed by the publishers that its cloistered existence is still a steady and healthy one.
The result is very satisfactory to the publishers, to me, and (I am quite sure) to the children.
Editors and publishers would not look at it, and now Daylight was using the disgruntled author in a little private secret service system he had been compelled to establish for himself.
I threw all precaution to the winds, threw myself with fiercer zeal into the fight for socialism, laughed at the editors and publishers who warned me and who were the sources of my hundred porterhouses a day, and was brutally careless of whose feelings I hurt and of how savagely I hurt them.
Father wrote to the publishers and was informed that the plates had been accidentally injured.
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