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suitable for publication

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That effort fizzled, however, as international members became less forthcoming with publishable data.
This editorial does not touch upon all components necessary to writing a publishable paper; however, the ones mentioned above can play a critical role in whether you become a published author in the OJRNHC.
Wilder, RDH, BS, MS, she would say, 'You will finish your research and your research article will be publishable.
The ABC testing paradigm allows for the time-efficient, affordable, and publishable discoveries of new functions and mechanisms of action for tested products.
Judge Sultan said: "It is important for reporters [covering the justice beat] to familiarise themselves with the UAE's publication and printing law and all related laws while doing their jobEoACA* because that would eventually help them realise the difference between what is publishable and not publishable.
The Deputy Governor of the BCT will be appointed by decree publishable after consultation between the President of the Republic, the Speaker of the Constitutent Assembly and the Prime Minister on a proposal by the Governor of the BCT.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-October 12, 2011-MarketTools CustomerSat updated to include integration with Zoomerang and publishable PDF dashboards(C)1995-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Among the cases it closed were education guidance (51 cases); educational alternative completed (3); notice of improper references to membership (15); unpublishable disciplinary actions (6); publishable disciplinary actions (4); ethics--closed with no action (11); screening--closed with no action (36); and resignation/ failure to pay dues/SPP/CE/Other--not publishable (20).
It has developed a dymanic three-tiered translation service where a translation can 1) speak to the local community and its needs; 2) produce, when needed, a more formal, publishable translation that is international in scope, or 3) re-conceive a text cross-culturally so that the "translation" transcends the original context and is re-shaped for a new community.
The response I got is not publishable in a family newspaper but suffice to say it conjured up images of Basil Fawlty describing the way his dragon of a wife makes toast by simply breathing fire on to slices of bread.
Ann said: "The course is ideal for adults who want to improve their writing and get it to a publishable standard.
While not seeing the imitations as publishable as a collection, Eliot did write, "It would be interesting to see a few of these poems published in a magazine.
He, too, is a writer, and therefore aware that everything a writer commits to paper is publishable.
lt;p>We expect Forum papers to be of publishable quality, original work and written exclusively for presentation at the Ninth Harvard University Forum on Islamic Finance.