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  • verb

Synonyms for publish

Synonyms for publish

to present for circulation, exhibit, or sale

to be the author of (a published work or works)


to bring to public notice or make known publicly

Synonyms for publish

put into print

prepare and issue for public distribution or sale

have (one's written work) issued for publication

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1980s: Multicultural children's books establish their presence so strongly in the industry that larger mainstream publishers begin to follow suit and publish books including, and even starring, adults and children of color.
the need by academics to publish in recognized refereed journals is a very important factor supporting the continuation and growth of formal academic publishing.
The combined business will publish approximately 1,250 scholarly peer-reviewed journals and an extensive collection of books with global appeal.
How to Publish, Promote and Sell Your Own Book: The Insider's Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Self-Publishing, From Pasteup to Publicity
PTC's Dynamic Publishing System enables organizations to create content out of XML-based reusable components, create illustrations from scratch or automatically from design data, automate content management, review, and approval processes with powerful workflow and configuration management capabilities, and automatically publish information in multiple formats, languages and media.
After writing for a year, Jones realized he had over 100 poems and decided to publish his poetry.