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someone employed to arrange publicity (for a firm or a public figure)

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Publicity man to the stars Chris Roche died in Blackrock Clinic, Dublin, yesterday morning.
Stacks ably charts Reston's rise from Scottish immigrant to University of Illinois golf champion to Cincinnati Reds publicity man and AP sports writer, with his storybook marriage to Sally well-rendered.
When he was led off by the Jockey Club publicity man it turned the whole thing into a farce,' he said.
The result was a triumph for my old chum Geoff Baker, the former Birmingham reporter who took on the unrelenting task of becoming Sir Paul's publicity man.
So when publicity man Lee Phillips (Billy Crystal, who also co-wrote the script) has to bring them together to launch their latest film he has his work cut out.
Walsh, his only rival for the position, said: "I am not a publicity man, but I decided to put my hat into the ring because a lot of people have asked me to stand.
Stuart Bell, her protective publicity man at RCA records, said at the outset: "She's not talking to anyone.
Stan Obodiac, the publicity man at the Gardens, pointed to the unwritten rule that only men were allowed in the press box.
The character at the bar was supposed to be a Hollywood publicity man.
She was at the start of her glittering career and, yes, for a moment this looked like the kind of stunt Hollywood had been relentlessly pulling for years, the work of a hotshot publicity man.
Being a reformed writer and publicity man, he's able to tell the tale with an affecting flair.
When he was given a slot (The Sepia Swing Band) on WDIA Radio in Memphis in 1948, the station's publicity man dubbed him The Beale Street Blues Boy.
We reckon that when we rang Chalmless earlier this month to ask him about the duo's rocky relationship - Kylie objected to jaunty Jim's serial philandering - the "ace" publicity man hatched a devilishly ingenious plan.
Co-written by actor Billy Crystal who also co-produced, he takes the leading role of publicity man Lee Phillips, recently sacked but brought back to save the launch of a film by brilliant but rogue director Hal Weidmann (Christopher Walken in mad mode).
Bob Berry, Jaguar's publicity man had driven a fixed-head 9600HP model over to Geneva a day or two before the show opened.