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showing unselfish interest in the public welfare

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It involves schools, businesses, voluntary groups and public-spirited residents.
He was a very public-spirited person, who had a great passion for Conwy.
Mr Banks, 49, DCC of the Durham force, said later: "I would like to thank my public-spirited neighbours.
PUBLIC-SPIRITED Coventry residents found time out of their busy festive schedule to clear up a city beauty spot.
If Supreme Court judges were more public-spirited, they would have proposed an amendment of the constitution, instead of a compromise that, ultimately, was in their personal interest.
PUBLIC-SPIRITED residents, businesses and community groups are invited to get behind a Tyneside council's clean-up.
Each block, paid for by donations, will be engraved for free by Huddersfield company Montgomery which shows the practical ways public-spirited companies can help charities.
Senior officers said they were delighted with the support of the public and revealed 500 images of those potentially involved had been received from public-spirited citizens.
And we feel sure it will receive a fine, public-spirited response from ECHO readers keen to help conserve a much-loved species.
at all times the trusty friend, the affectionate relative, the conscientious man of business, the pious worker, the public-spirited citizen .
PUBLIC-SPIRITED people living in Hartlepool are being offered the chance to prove just how much they care about their town.
This is a shameful response to a public-spirited and courageous man who was genuinely scared by the loopholes he discovered.
Overall though, Pope Benedict XVI is a glowing and positive portrayal of a dedicated, public-spirited religious leader.
Washington County, Maryland, can also boast about having some good, public-spirited teenagers.
We must recognise when members of the public are so public-spirited.