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showing unselfish interest in the public welfare

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In an excellent chapter on James Madison, Martin shows how the "Father of the Constitution" had in fact himself acted and written to improve the quality of political discussion by keeping open and enriching public-spirited protests of government actions.
And we feel sure it will receive a fine, public-spirited response from ECHO readers keen to help conserve a much-loved species.
at all times the trusty friend, the affectionate relative, the conscientious man of business, the pious worker, the public-spirited citizen .
PUBLIC-SPIRITED people living in Hartlepool are being offered the chance to prove just how much they care about their town.
This is a shameful response to a public-spirited and courageous man who was genuinely scared by the loopholes he discovered.
Overall though, Pope Benedict XVI is a glowing and positive portrayal of a dedicated, public-spirited religious leader.
Washington County, Maryland, can also boast about having some good, public-spirited teenagers.
We must recognise when members of the public are so public-spirited.
Although he generally presents critics of McDonald's as public-spirited activists, he can't resist taking a shot at Samuel Hirsch, the lawyer who filed the first two obesity lawsuits against fast food restaurants.
Councillors were supposed to be public-spirited amateurs.
That's all changed as recent disaster victims comprehend the value of the help created for them by four of the country's public-spirited organizations.
Bahar rightly categorizes this as Wollstonecraft's attempt to create an aesthetic representation of a public-spirited woman.
For a few short months, America felt more united and public-spirited than it had in decades.
Web sites, columns, and op-eds are not substitutes for a more aggressive, public-spirited GLBT journalism.
became the slogan for the small but energetic group of public-spirited citizens.