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Under the measure, to be known as the "Public Utility Bus Safety Act of 2014," all public utility bus operators/companies registered and operating in or engaged in the transportation of the commuting public and granted franchises are required to secure certificate of compliance with the appropriate standards set the ISO from accredited certifying agencies within 1 year from the enactment of this law.
HB 3832 provides that no public utility driver's license shall be issued unless the applicant has complied with the mandated 15 days of actual driving examination for public utility train, five days for bus drivers, five days for public utility jeeps and three days for tricycles that will show the actual safe driving habits of the utility bus, jeep or tricycle driver applicant.
According to the bill, public utility is defined as covering three sectors - the distribution of electricity, transmission of electricity, and the water pipeline distribution system or sewerage pipeline system.
Article One: Declares the development of Sohar roundabout specified in the attached memo and diagram as a public utility project.
A member of the independent minority bloc in the House of Representatives on Tuesday expressed fear that a bill providing a statutory definition for public utility may allow foreigners to have public ownership without the need for charter change.
Public utility officials estimate the new area code will last until about 2014, Devine added.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings assigns an 'AA' rating to City Utilities of Springfield's, MO (CU) $615 million public utility revenue bonds, series 2006.
Bernabe said the competition watchdog was proposing to change the definition of public utility to 'a person who operates, manages and controls for public use the following: Electricity transmission; electricity distribution; water pipeline distribution systems; gas or petroleum pipeline distribution systems, and sewerage systems.
McLean said the pipeline has been classified as a public utility by the California Public Utilities Commission and has the legal right to condemn the right of way in the public's interest.
From April 1993 to June 1998, Hanger was a Commissioner with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC).
Unisys is pleased to have been selected by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to implement a new content and case management system.
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