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a treasury for government funds


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The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) leads the list of borrowers with guarantees from the public treasury, accounting for 47.
Competitive Enterprise Institute Fellow Bill Frezza classifies capitalists by tactics and wealth sources: Crony Capitalists obtain riches through government favors, exhibit "willingness to use the coercive powers of government to gain an advantage they could not earn in the market," and are "happy to help themselves to money from the public treasury [through] subsidies that flow directly into their coffers.
The collected fees will be transferred to Dubai Airports, and subsequently to the Dubai government public treasury.
NNA - Social Affairs Minister, Rachid Derbas, said on Tuesday that the cost of waste export was between $212 and $220 million and will be funded 30-60% by municipalities and the rest by the public treasury.
This volume draws together 24 articles on immigration law and economics in the US and elsewhere, previously published by economists and legal scholars from 1982 to 2013, mostly in economics journals, and focusing on the key economics issues in debates over immigration restrictions and immigration law reform and the effects of immigrants as workers in the labor market and on the public treasury.
Lynn observed, "Over the years, Americans United has blocked efforts by the bishops to censor books and movies, restrict adults' access to birth control and raid the public treasury to prop up the church's private school system.
A statement by his office said today that al- Abadi decided to restructure the battalions of the special protection of the three presidencies and the canceled offices of the Vice-President of the Republic and the offices of Deputy Prime Ministers and directed to return back the allocations of the canceled offices of the Vice President of the Republic and the Deputy Prime Ministers to the public treasury of the state.
Al-Bukhaiti added that personal donations are but one means to raising funds, and that state revenues from taxation, natural resources and the public treasury will all be pooled in the effort.
The major investments made by Qatar in all countries in the world will have a significant impact on the public treasury and the welfare of the people of Qatar, he said.
Al-Karuri explained, when he met with 23 companies working the field of minerals Wednesday at the Gold Hall of the ministry, that the coming period would witness mobility and control to the mining process, stressing protection of the companies which remained providing the public treasury with foreign currency.
It supervises the public treasury, state domains, fields of international economic co-operation, monetary investment and compensatory transaction projects.
The cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour, listened to a briefing on the mounting losses of the company, with the public treasury transferring JD 1.
The public treasury will bear the financial burden of implementing this decision," Badawi said, adding that the Minister of Social Solidarity will issue a legislation to regulate its provisions.
The court has also ordered the dismissal of Omani official from the service and the confiscation of the bribe money amounting to OMR500,000, which would be deposited in the public treasury.
In a recent interview he gave to an international TV network, he denied the corruption allegations against four ex-members of his Cabinet on the grounds that what he "understands by corruption is whether the public treasury has been robbed or not.
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