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RTA made the announcement ahead of the sixth Public Transport Day on Sunday, coinciding with RTA's 10th anniversary.
Dr Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA's Public Transport Agency and Head of Public Transport Day Committee said: "This year, we are keen to ensure that the events of the day are unique.
From a starting point where our public transport was already underfunded, we've reached a point where our public transport firms simply cannot deliver the level of services that we need because their funding has been slashed so much.
We will allot public transport alternate routes for feeding the Metro Bus Service, he added.
The study also found that public transport in Dubai and Zurich were the best worldwide in terms of cleanliness of both the vehicles and associated facilities, such as stations.
Federal Ombudsman expressed his resentment over non curtailment in the fares of public transport remarking if the institutions will not discharge their obligations then how the people will get relief in the fares of public transport.
The public transport network in Dubai, which is almost complete in terms of modes with the launch of the Dubai Tram on November 11, 2014, has become a key element in the mobility of people in various parts of Dubai.
Fiona Swindell, chair of the Forum, said: "I look forward to seeing people from across North Tyneside at the meeting, which is their opportunity to join in the discussion around public transport services and work together to promote travel by public transport.
According to a new Eurobarometer, only 39 per cent of Cypriots have ever set foot on public transport at least once in their lives.
The meeing is being held on Saturday at Arc, Dovecot Street, Stockton, from 10am to noon, and will discuss planned changes to public transport over the coming year.
Karachi is a mega urban city but its urban public transport is even worse than rural transport of many poor and backward African nations.
THE majority of Britons admit to totally avoiding public transport when on holiday according to new research.
A total of 15% admitted that they didn't trust public transport abroad.
I LOOKED on the Official National Eisteddfod web site for details of public transport to the Maes from the nearest railway stations.
Public transport is a lifeline for many individuals and communities and for enabling Wales to compete for inward investment and business.
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