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a public transportation system for moving passengers

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About 57% of Panasonic employees working in Newark and Harrison now commute by public transit, according to a 2014 study by NJ TRANSIT.
Whether public transit alarms are available to you depends on where you live, since the feature likely ties in to Google Maps' public transit directions, a feature first introduced in 2005.
Zachary Patterson, an assistant professor in Concordia University's Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment, with the help of colleagues at McGill University and Universite Laval, crunched the numbers to determine which people from Montreal are most likely to take public transit and which are more likely to drive.
The benefits of making a major commitment to building up and efficiently managing a larger and more comprehensive public transit network are many.
1 percent of jobs are accessible by public transit.
Designed for a range of readers, from public transit professionals to concerned citizens, Walker's text explores the nuances of how public transit works as an urban mobility tool and how it fits into the larger challenge of urban transportation.
The Transit Score rating is currently available in more than 30 cities across the US with public transit information from around 100 public transit authorities who provide open access to their transit feeds.
The general public can also use the taxi service, Public Transit.
7 billion public transit trips, which the group said was the highest level in 52 years, and saw a 3.
CAD$2 billion Invested in Carbon Capture and Storage; CAD$2 Billion in Public Transit
A report released Thursday by the Oregon State Public Interest Research Group highlights Eugene as one of 15 smaller cities across the country where motorists have saved big bucks at the gas pump by turning to public transit.
1401) that would enhance security requirements for public transit systems has been approved by the House of Representatives and has been referred to the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee.
Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a $143 billion budget that eliminates California's operating deficit for the first time in years but cuts into everything from welfare programs to public transit.
While Matthew Stuart accurately quotes Statistics Canada's report on commuting--12 per cent using public transit; public transit adding 41 minutes to commutes--a more thorough reading would have shown these numbers are greatly skewed.
Using GIS and 1990 and 2000 spatial data, we examined spatial variations and temporal changes in inequality of job accessibility between car and public transit users for the Boston and San Francisco metropolitan areas.
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