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PEOPLE paid out more than half a million pounds to spend a penny in North Wales over the last three years - despite councils shutting 17 public toilets.
Clr Graham Turner, Cabinet member for Resources, said it would off-load liability from the council and retain the toilets for community use, adding there remained just one public toilet that was still up for grabs.
The survey also found that unpleasant toilet conditions may be a prevalent issue for a number of business owners, as more than two-thirds of Emiratis have had a particularly unpleasant experience in a public toilet due to the condition of the facilities.
As well as Robert's individual award the local authority came first in five national categories: In House Cleaning Team, Public Toilet Entries, Local Authority Entries, Eco Friendly Toilets, Changing Places Toilet Entries and Toilets in Education.
Yet for parents of children with disabilities, sometimes we've been left with no other option but to change our children on public toilet floors.
Public toilet facilities in the Castlegate car park in Berwick were singled out for criticism
He further said that while using public toilet we were paying ten rupees, adding that the hospital was made to facilitate people but here the situation was totally opposite.
Public toilets in Beijing have been set new standards for cleanliness, with rules stipulating that they should not contain more than two flies at any one given time.
A DRASTIC shortage of public toilets is isolating older people and causing mental and physical health problems.
You can imagine how surprised I was when on a visit with a friend into Chester town centre I saw several free public toilets.
PUBLIC toilets in Galashiels are now under threat, due to recent incidents.
The BTA believes that local authorities should have a statutory obligation to draw up a public toilet provision strategy, within their area, which could include partnerships with other (commercial) providers.
Sligo Borough Council agreed some years ago to lease an Automatic Public Toilet after locals complained of having no public toilet.
As Fruit Chan proclaimed at the Question and Answer session after the screening of Public Toilet at this year's Toronto International Film Festival ".
A Guide to Healthy Living, 1999, Frances Goodman's staccato lists of paranoid hygiene warnings ("Do not touch the latch of a public toilet," "Do not let other people breathe on you in a public toilet," etc.
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