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showing unselfish interest in the public welfare

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While the bill retains the wording of ''on the basis of the spirit of the Constitution'' in the law's preamble, it adds calls for public spirit and inheritance of tradition, and a newly defined notion of patriotism as a goal of education.
Considering the notion of heroism and its relation to the changing discourse of civic humanism, however, Bahar makes an often overlooked point: this was a period in which private virtue was seen as increasingly important to public spirit.
But to endure, this new public spirit had to be nurtured and validated by the country's leaders.
Indeed, liberals' and-militarist instincts often coexist (uneasily, one imagines) with a pronounced affection for the public spirit generated by war and other emergencies.
The couple should have been commended for their public spirit.
At their best," Lieven concludes, "great aristocrats brought to politics a genuine breadth of public spirit and vision, and a lack of narrowness and egoism.
Tuesday's tragedy brought out the best public spirit and generosity of the people of South Florida and around the nation.
DB would I regard as "Public Spirit", and he/she may be glad to know the persons recently pictured in your columns are contribute to other groups, which now continue to be available for public spirit of all ages and circumstances.
The point I am making is that a sense of strong public spirit is the kind of thing that builds a strong community and this was very evident throughout the history of this small town.
The public spirit that would encourage a person to put the interests of the community above his own has never been cultivated, let alone rewarded.
Manager, Olive Lowe, said: "There has always been a great public spirit in the city and by committing to fairness for local disabled people we are going to make it an even better place to live.
The House of Representatives on Thursday approved the creation of a special committee to discuss proposed legislation to amend the 1947 basic education law to stress public spirit and Japanese tradition.