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a service that is performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions

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employment within a government system (especially in the civil service)

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Public Service Month is an integral part of the Batho Pele Revitalisation strategy which seeks to instill and rebuild good ethics, morale and pride in public servants.
He said that due to undue interference by the public representatives were hampering the public services and the government departments were not delivering as they were being expected, adding the act has improved the public services.
DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Kaplan University, a leader in higher education innovation, announced the official launch of the College of Public Service today.
The First Minister established a commission, chaired by Sir Paul Williams, in April 2013 to independently review all aspects of Wales public services to see how they are currently working and how they can be better improved in the future.
This year, 47 public organizations from 28 countries will be awarded with the most prestigious recognition of excellence in public service on 27 June, in commemoration of United Nations Public Service Day, celebrated every year on 23 June.
The public service reform agenda in England is very different from the agenda here in Wales, with the coalition Government undertaking wholesale reforms within many of the public services.
Shortly, as part of its normal process for establishing rates, Public Service will make its request for rate changes that will become effective in 2009.
Lewis, Hooper & Dick, LLC was conferred the 2004 Public Service Award for Firms.
Public service units may want to minimize the impact of variables such as publication record or fixed distinctions between paraprofessional and professional work.
Cano, who will serve as Public Service Community Development Fund president, said the loans in support of affordable housing represent an investment in communities, rather than a gift.
The service charter introduces service standards in the public service with a call to public servants to meet and exceed them.
The United Nations (UN) holds a Public Service Awards ceremony each year.
It also recognized that the Greek public service broadcaster has a key role to play in providing information, education and entertainment to the Greek people and the diaspora.
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