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a person employed to establish and promote a favorable relationship with the public

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Senior editors at PICA publications choose the Public Relations Person of the Year as an outstanding example of "best practices" in media relations.
We have a public relations person who has deep roots in Sacramento with the media community, and we make sure we are always accessible to all media, because it gives us another opportunity to talk about what we're doing with the community," said Halleck.
This book talks about being a fashion photographer, an agent, a booker, a public relations person.
A public relations person at Mitsukoshi said pictures priced at more than 100 million yen have been bought ''not by corporations but by individuals.
Opening the book there are two quotes about Birmingham - a rather empty statement from a public relations person about a big welcoming place and a quote from A N Wilson's novel Who was Oswald Fish?
WinStar president Doug Cauthen said: ``With the transition of the farm's primary focus from the racetrack to the sales ring, we feel that Elliott is more valuable to our operation as a trusted adviser, racing manager, general public relations person and liaison to both trainers and prospective stallion owners.
Representatives at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and someone posing as Gray's public relations person did not return e-mail inquiries about this atrocity against entertainment, since some things just can't be explained with a straight face.
A public relations person had warned me earnestly that Mick wouldn't talk about The Clash -- even though he and former bassist Paul Simonon happily plugged the 25th anniversary reissue of London's Calling on Friday's Later With Jools Holland on BBC2.
A public relations person assisting the campaign sent me a heartfelt personal piece from a well-known person in the community (Ms.
Finally, make sure to limit the number of official spokespeople for your company, and designate someone as the public relations person who has the time, skills and availability to fill that role.
The college has hired a public relations person and launched a "Mother's Love" campaign.
Shirley Armstrong who was the public relations person for the conference was pleased to see the healing that took place.
To become an Accredited Public Relations person, members who have been in the industry for at least five full-time, paid years undertake a rigorous oral and written examination concerning ethics, communication, and tactics and strategies.
On the other hand," Gering adds, "a public relations person will look at it proactively to avoid and mitigate the crisis.
One of the most valuable insights I gained from this course was learning how to be my own public relations person.
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