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The modification of a work of visual art which is the result of conservation, or of the public presentation, including lighting and placement, of the work is not a destruction, distortion, mutilation, or other modification described in subsection (a)(3) unless the modification is caused by gross negligence.
QNRF will conduct three public presentations covering, the application process and highlighting the changes introduced in the seventh cycle of the NPRP.
The Arkansas State University-Mountain Home Stream Team held a public presentation on the challenges of restoring and protecting groundwater quality in the Ozarks.
Professor Sleiman's work on the chemistry of DNA molecules is brilliant on a scientific level, and also easily adapted for public presentation," says John Purdy, chair of the CIC Toronto Local Section.
MUSIC Theatre Wales - the UK's leading contemporary opera company - will begin its 25th anniversary year with Make an Aria, a public presentation and master class featuring Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, their patron and Master of the Queen's Music, at Cardiff's Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama next month.
In addition, the company said there would be no public presentation of the results.
Instead of shocking us with the public presentation of their government in shadow and their platform priorities, in Velinovska's view, the socialdemocrats talked about how they are not acknowledging the election results.
Grand Prospect owner Michael Halkias hasn't submitted an application yet, nor has he revealed the cost of the project or whether he has financing lined up, but a preliminary public presentation is scheduled for Thursday evening.
This requires special attention to "accountability" for productivity, meaning public presentation and communication of evidence about productivity that relates it to the public agenda for higher education.
Southern Copper must make the public presentation to get approval for its environmental impact study.
Second, pursuant to international treaties of the Republic of Lithuania and legal acts of the European Union, the Court separately defined the right of public performance of musical works and their public presentation by indicating that the presentation of broadcasts, with the use of publicly heard technologies (e.
Professor Porter will make his first ever public presentation in Bahrain on January 26 2009.
3 : to give a public presentation for entertainment <The band performed in the park.
Selectmen Tuesday night requested "a detailed concept" of what the project will include, possible funding arrangements, other alternatives and a review of a possible fifth option beyond those described during a public presentation two weeks ago.
A two-day public presentation event has taken place this week in Croxteth ward, for plans for the Gillmoss Transfer station to instal an MRF for recycling, and no burner is connected to that application.
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