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a position concerning the people as a whole

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The courts are all shut up; the public offices lie in a hot sleep.
In the centre of the town is the Plaza, where the public offices, fortress, cathedral, etc.
Amid the well-documented allegations of using his public office for private gain, Mollohan refused to concede that any legitimate issues were being raised.
Considering that's worth more than a half-million bucks apiece in salary -- not to mention the priceless perks of public office -- it's understandable that council members would decide they need the best lawyers money can buy to go to court on their behalf.
write-in candidate: a candidate for public office whose name does not appear on the ballot anal so must be written in by voters.
As the Peruvian Congress adopted a resolution in February 2001 barring Fujimori from holding public office for 10 years, the commission will likely decide that the former Peruvian president is not qualified to run for president.
In addition, certain executive officers now have new responsibilities under the LRA, although they may not be personally involved in lobbying public office holders.
Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest.
The family of a Toronto man who was shot and killed by police officers sued the officers, the Chief of Police, and the Police Board for misfeasance of public office and negligence.
Bob Kearney, political director for the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which helps openly gay candidates get elected to public office in the United States, said there are legitimate reasons gay public officials and candidates should be concerned.
Mary's to Annapolis, and penal laws were enacted barring Catholics from voting, teaching, holding public office, practicing law, and practicing their faith publicly.
After mass conversions in response to anti-Jewish mob violence in 1391, New Christians in Seville found their way smoothed to enter public office, marry into noble families, and build up businesses.
Determined to make his desire to hold public office a reality someday, Hutchins, 32, earned a B.
It wasn't the only factor, but the wearying exercise of campaign fundraising was one of the main reasons longtime Illinois senator and onetime presidential aspirant Paul Simon decided to call it quits after 42 years in public office.