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Peter Tomlinson spent redundancy money from his marketing job converting a former public lavatory into a sandwich and coffee bar in Oxford Street in the heart of London's West End.
Dear Editor, In Acocks Green, situated between a public house and a bowling alley, stands a derelict public lavatory.
Dogowners seem to regard the cemetery as a public lavatory and very few bother to clean up.
Since the first flush of the public lavatory, women have sought sanctuary there.
A man saw the woman sitting in front of a public lavatory in the park with her clothes alight, the police said.
Pebble-dash outside, bare roughcast and whitewash within, the 1886 mission church that houses Darrell Viner's site-specific installation Eight Times Three, 2000, combines the spare elegance of an early Christian basilica with the utilitarian grottiness of a public lavatory.
For some male beggars it became a daily routine to go to a public lavatory and occupy a space there.
Refusing to concede that the deck of life is firmly stacked against him, Mugsy dreams of opening his own restaurant in a renovated public lavatory - ``art deco style,'' he assures his colleagues.
A friend of top Labour politician Peter Mandelson has been arrested for allegedly committing an act of gross indecency in a public lavatory.
The proposed development on the site of a former public lavatory comprises a Class A3 cafe use at ground floor and a pair of two bedroom apartments above, designed by CW Architects, situated next to the bustling compact centre of Fairwater Green.
The MPs, who included Nuneaton Labour MP Bill Olner, based their findings on evidence from the British Toilet Association, which campaigns for better public lavatory provision across the country.
Chip chase, 46, said to have learning difficulties and a mental age of 10, admitted twice breaching his criminal ASBO, which imposes the public lavatory ban, and was jailed for nine months.
Now he wants to convert a former public lavatory in Gateshead.
Also there is Victoria Hughes, the "loo lady" who supervised a Bristol public lavatory between the 1929 and 1962.
Now it's expected to suggest flashers should be handed a community sentence while those caught having sex in a public lavatory should be fined pounds 50 and assault by penetration against an adult should carry a jail term.
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