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a well-known or notable person

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The public's right to know should trump every time the deceitful efforts of hypocritical public figures.
ElBaradie is a public figure who does not need an invitation to attend [the Christmas ceremony]," Naguib Gobrael, the head of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights Organization, told Daily News Egypt.
In examining Fosdick's success as a public figure, one can make several conclusions.
Public figures must know that they cannot always hide behind the curtain of the law.
As a public figure, Jewell would have a more difficult time winning his libel suit against The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Former Olympics security guard Richard Jewell may have a better chance of winning his libel suit against The Atlanta Journal- Constitution now that the Georgia Court of Appeals has agreed to review an October lower-court ruling that he became a public figure by granting interviews to the news media after the bombing at Atlanta's Olympic Centennial Park in July 1996.
It's not an issue which is ever likely to arise, whether it is the private life of Mr Mandleson or any other public figure.
If you don't like what the media say, the Supreme Court says your status as a public figure will afford you a forum to issue your denials.
Can a public figure ever recover damages for libel, or would permitting such recoveries deter the aggressive press coverage the First Amendment deems critical in a free society?
The classic US decision, the 1974 Gertz case, ruled that merely being a police shooting-victim's lawyer does not make one a public figure.
Four companies feed on Kumtor, public figure Kubanychbek Isabekov told Tazabek on April 23.
The former prime minister is the most senior public figure to be drawn into the controversy, which last week saw Andy Coulson resign as David Cameron's director of communications amid continuing allegations of phone hacking by reporters at the News of the World when he was editor of the paper.
Nevertheless, once a public figure comes out, the media inevitably refer to him or her as "openly gay actor-writer-comedian-whatever," in much the way Red Buttons is called "Academy Award-winner Red Buttons" whenever he's identified in the press.
Maybe Americans are "misunderestimating" President Bush, but perhaps no public figure since Vice President Dan Quayle has so mangled the English language.
5 when a state judge ruled Richard Jewell - a security guard wrongly suspected as the bomber - is in the eyes of the law a public figure in his suit against a major Atlanta daily.
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