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an official who inflicts capital punishment in pursuit of a warrant

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It was an old woman with white hair who walked onto the scaffold, and her last words as she trod on the foot of the public executioner, Sansor, were: 'Pardon monsieur.
There is some shock value at first in a book which gives us criminals, prostitutes, the public executioner, and a resurrection man cheek by jowl with Lord Melbourne, Daniel O'Connell, Prince Albert, and Queen Victoria, upon whom a junior character spies from beneath a sofa in Buckingham Palace', but it goes on too long, the personages are stereotypical and we soon realize that the most sensational options will be the ones taken.
Alessandro Benedetti noted in his History of the Human Body (1497) that "those who live in prison have sometimes asked to be handed over to the colleges of physicians rather than to be killed by the hand of the public executioner," adding that "cadavers of this kind cannot be obtained except by papal consent.
The public executioner of the late nineteenth century is the subject of Executioner: Victorian Hangman, The chronicles of James Berry (Sutton, 20 [pounds sterling]), written by crime historian and former policeman Stewart Evans.
Hanging was fashionable and James Berry was appointed the official public executioner.
Her grandfather, Harry Allen, was Britain's last hangman and was the public executioner of Ruth Ellis and David Bentley.
It was an obsession that was to lead to the rift with the Roman Catholic Church that has never been healed, and the eventual death of Anne Boleyn herself at the hand of the public executioner.
Revill also wrote: "Maybe [I will] play public executioner.
He was Britain's last hangman, who was the public executioner at the hangings of Ruth Ellis, James Hanratty and Derek Bentley.
Pierrepoint was Britain's chief public executioner from 1946-1956.
Here is chief public executioner Albert Pierrepoint's moving account of 19-year-old Bentley's final hours before his death in January 1953.
The root of the problem is there for all to see every time a Premier League player is wheeled out to say those magic words; to their judges, juries and public executioners they are role models.
PIERREPOINT told the story of Albert Pierrepoint, one of Britain's last and best-known public executioners.
For the Home Office minister to abdicate responsibility to chief constables to act as public executioners, as a matter of operational requirement, must be regarded as a fatal step along a road to a police state.
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