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a lawyer who represents indigent defendants at public expense

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16) The ABA is not alone in its emphasis on the need to control public defender caseloads; one scholar described a public defender's ethical duty to avoid excessive caseloads as the "Eleventh Commandment.
It's been a joy to work with dedicated professionals in my own office and with my public defender colleagues over the years.
Events this week show it must be time now to either expand the Public Defender Service offer free representation and employ about 5000 to 7000 criminal defence lawyers in the process or restore the fees recently taken away from criminal defence firms.
No public defender believes that we should represent a client who has the means to pay for a private attorney.
defendants initially assigned to the public defender and replacement
in Missouri, as in many other states, the funding crisis has manifested itself in the form of extremely high caseloads for public defender offices.
The public defender assigned to represent Oliver is a brash, ostentatious lawyer named Marijane Placek.
Lane County's public defenders haven't had a pay raise since the New York Giants beat the Buffalo Bills 20-19 in Super Bowl XXV.
The public defender administers 13 offices throughout the state with budgeting and other support services in the Department of Administration.
TORONTO -- The Ontario government's commitment to change the province's current legal aid program to a public defender system, similar to what exists in many states in the USA, has been condemned by the Law Society of Upper Canada as establishing a two-tier justice system--one for the rich and one for the poor.
Birmingham's first criminal public defender yesterday rejected claims that the new service could lead to a US-style two-tier legal system.
Many states charge those seeking a public defender an evaluation fee ranging from $10 to $100.
I asked the public defender, who had received Rosie's case file the previous evening, why Rosie had been held.
A superior court judge, highly experienced prosecutor, and public defender are new adjunct faculty at the University of La Verne College of Law beginning January.