pubic region

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the lower part of the abdomen just above the external genital organs

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An additional feature of this ideal is a hairless pubic region, so we expected higher (versus lower) sociosexuality to predict higher arousal in response to the hairless pubic representation.
Coyote's first story is from 30 years ago, when girlfriends at a slumber party made fun of Coyote's "bald as an egg" pubic region and "training-braless chest.
The right and left Iliac (Iliac= superior part of hip bone) or inguinal regions are lateral to the hypogastric (hypo= below) or pubic region, which is inferior to the umbilical area.
Co-infection with two different HPV-6 genomic variants was identified in one 64-year-old female patient from whom warts from perianal skin, the pubic region, and femoral fold skin were collected at the time of surgery.
She told me about a friend, someone who regularly bathes in her pool, whose pubic region looks "like an old gnome, with a beard.
She has been vajazzled by Tiffanys - this involves putting a jewel above the pubic region.
The article is applied to a pubic region and a body fluid inflow hole formed on the absorbent sheet body is depressed into a cylindrical shape with a bottom at the garment side and an opening at the body side with a size capable to fitting a pair of labia majoras from outside such that the pair of labia majoras pass through the opening.
Although they are most frequently found in the pubic region of the infested person, where they can cause intense itching and redness, they may also be found in other areas, such as in facial hair or eyelashes.
The next most commonly affected sites are the eyebrows and eyelashes, but any hairy site can be involved, including the pubic region, face, chest, and abdomen.
He removed a pregnant woman's stitches from just above her pubic region,according to a charge summary handed to the court.
Pic's tepid sex imagery (a shaved female pubic region, the crisp shadow outline of fellatio) would ace the Guinness Book category "Least Likely to Arouse Anyone Anywhere.