pubic louse

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a louse that infests the pubic region of the human body

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Brougthon's and Menzies' preexisting desires lead them to bring home a bug from the tropics that is both unique and related to a pubic louse found everywhere from Greenland to South Africa and that seems to infect her beholders with a particularly virulent form of desire.
The impurities of monsters "are often associated with contamination--sicknesses, disease, and the plague--and often accompanied by infectious vermin--rats, insects and the like" (Carroll 28), a description that applies well to a bloodsucker between a pubic louse and an avian parasite, whom the narrative construes as an agent of infection.
8) The Latinpediculus pubescens seems to mean a little pubescent louse, not a pubic louse.
Like head lice nits, the whitish eggs of the pubic louse are firmly attached to the hair shaft.
Now the pubic louse may have met its match -- the body-waxer.