pubic hair

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hair growing in the pubic area

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Among the 72% of boys who were followed until at least the 16- to 17-year-old study visit, 94%, 87%, and 44% had attained TV [greater than or equal to] 20 mL, Tanner stage 5 for genitalia growth, and Tanner stage 5 for pubic hair growth, respectively.
With this in mind, we sought in the present research to test a possible link between heterosexual men's self-reported arousal in response to differing expanses of female pubic hair and their affective reactions to the prospect of an infertile female partner.
There's been a huge trend towards bikini waxing, doing things with your pubic hair as well as the hair on your head, and so if you can have cosmetic surgery on your face, you can also have cosmetic surgery to your genitals.
A chef from Washington has lost his job after allegedly adding pubic hair to a rib-eye steak.
To be quite specific, the pubic hair of a 29-year-old Swedish actress called Agneta Ekmanner, one of the stars of the film which was directed by her husband, Jonas Cornell.
Dick interviews indie filmmakers like John Waters, Kevin Smith, Kimberly Peirce (``Boys Don't Cry'') and ``South Park'' agitator Matt Stone, and somehow manages to get actress Maria Bello to say, ``That's what made me want to fight for my pubic hair,'' in relation to the MPAA's objection to her sex scene in ``The Cooler.
Thus, physical development was not corroborated by reports from the parent/guardian and did not include the growth of pubic hair.
Throughout the show, Ant attempts to shock the audience with statements like, "You know when the black people laugh, that shit's funny," and by quizzing audience members on their penis size, pubic hair grooming practices, and anal sex experiences.
But no, here the maze of reflections, planes, and frames of old turns itself into a completely unpassive labyrinth of limbs, faces, pubic hair, differently shaped breasts and bellies, of such restive variety and generosity that I am repeatedly struck by Friedlander's being the least gynophobic "male gaze" I've ever encountered.
Maybe because his pubic hair sticks out farther than his tiny dick?
Her pubic hair appeared to have been shaved or cut, and there were contusions and abrasions on her breasts.
AT THE time when festive decorations begin to adorn our streets, Leece and Hardman Streets have been saturated by 78 (yes, seventyeight) new Yoko Ono pubic hair photographs in the place of the breasts blown away by the winds of the last month.
In Louisiana he has introduced a bill to create the crime of wearing clothing that intentionally exposes undergarments or any portion of pubic hair, cleft of the buttocks or genitals.
Reproductive development of each boy was evaluated using a sexual-maturity rating based on the size of the penis and testes and the development of pubic hair.